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Welcome to my page.
I have been reenacting for 10 years now.
I am also the Chief Clerk of the New England Brigade
and serve as Clerk to the Provost Marshal.

I am a descendant of Captain John Bigelow
who commanded the 9th Massachusetts Battery.
I am also a descendant of Adjutant Fraser Stearns
of the 21st Massachusetts.  
Our family had 137 soldiers who fought in the Civil War.

I have always loved history and particularly this period of history, 
I do a portrayal of a vivandiere.  To learn more about vivandiere's visit
the Vivandiere page.


Amalia DiMaio
Lorrie Stearns


Adjutant Fraser Stearns
21st Massachusetts
Killed at the Battle of New Bern
Buried in Amherst, Massachusetts

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