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Mary Tepe

    Ruth Odom

Lorrie Stearns

For more information on Vivandiere's, visit: 
Scott Lesch's page on Kady Brownell

More Vivandiere information: 
The Girls of '61 by M. Cricket Bauer

References on Vivandiere's:

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  • Other resources:
    Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, VA. 
    They  have info on a very famous Vivandiere by the name of Lucy Ann Cox (13th Virginia) and other southern Vivandieres such as ( Sarah Taylor 1st Tenn.).
  • Marie "French Mary" Tepe marching with the 114th PA as known as Collis Zouaves, info collected from "Four Brothers in Blue" by Eugene Carter of the 8th US Infantry. Another source for this story on Mary Tepe is a newspaper clipping from the New York Sunday World dated April 18, 1897.
  •  Other daughters of the regiment include Kady Brownell(1st Rhode Island). Kady was one of the most famous. 
  • Madame Turchin (19th Illinois), Hannah Ewbank (7th Wisconsin Infantry.