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Artillery cannon and other large weapons
Bayonet knife-like weapon attached to the front end of a musket or rifle
Bedroll blankets rolled and carried by soldiers,
containing personal belongings
Brogans Made of leather; a necessity and often scarce
in the south
Bummer cap, or hat, part of the uniform of the Civil War Soldier
Canteen tin or wood container on a strap, used to carry liquid
Cap a small device used to explode powder in a musket barrel.
Cap Box small box of leather attached to the belt to hold caps used to fire muskets.
Cartridge paper tube which held a bullet and gun powder.
Cartridge Box box made of leather used to hold cartridges.
Cavalry group of men fighting from horseback.
Corps Badge an army was divided into several units
called corps. Each Union soldier wore a badge
to show which corps he belonged to.
Foraging roving the countryside in search of food,
sometimes taking it from farmers
Hardtack flour, salt and water biscuit that was very hard.
Haversack small canvas sack used by soldiers to carry their
food stuff.
Housewife Small sewing kit
Infantry Group of men fighting on foot.
Jacket four-button woolen or cotton coat worn by Civil War Soldiers
Kepi cap or hat, part of the uniform of the Civil War Soldier
Knapsack canvas container strapped to a soldiers
back, carrying personal belongings.
Rifled-Musket muzzle loading gun, fired with cartridge and cap
Slouch Hat wide brimmed hat, sometimes worn instead of kepi
Suspenders cloth or leather used to hold up pants
Tin Cup cup used to hold water and cook with


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