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Chief Cook and Bottle Washer person capable of doing many things
Sheet Iron Crackers hardtack
Sardine BoxCap Box
Bread Basket stomach
Greenbacks money
Arkansas Toothpick large knife
Pepperbox pistol
Zu - ZuZouave Soldier
Fit To Be Tied angry
Horse Sense smart, on the ball
Top Rail #1 First class
Hunkey Dorey great
Greenhorn, Bugger, Skunk officers
Snug As A Bug comfortable, cozy
Sawbones surgeon
Skedaddle run, scatter
Hornets bullets
Bully hurrah! yeah!
Possum a buddy, pal
Blowhard big shot
Fit As A Fiddle in good shape, healthy
Uppity conceited
Scarce As Hen's Teeth rare or scarce
Grab A Root have dinner, potato
Tight, Wallpapered drunk
Bark Juice, Tar Water liquor
Nokum Stuff, Joy Juice liquor
Hard Case tough
Bluff cheater
Jailbird criminal
Hard Knocks beaten up
Been Through The Mill done a lot
Quick-Step diarrhea
Played Out worn out
Toeing The Mark doing the job
Jonah bad luck
Goobers peanuts
Sunday Soldiers, Kid Glove Boys,
Parlor Soldiers
insulting words for soldiers
Fresh Fish raw recruits
Whipped beaten


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