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Charles Reed
9th Mass Light Artillery

Medal of Honor

He received the above Medal of Honor

for his action on July 2, 1863 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

He "Rescued his wounded captain from between the lines."

Charles Wellington Reed, Bugler

  • Born: April 1, 1841 Charlestown (Now Boston) Mass.
  • Enlistment: August 2, 1862 Boston Mass. (Malden Quota)
  • Occupation before the War: Student of Art
  • Occupation after the War: Artist, Illustration and Printmaker.
  • Works of Note: Illustrated Hardtack and Coffee by John D Billings and The History of the 9th Massachusetts Battery by Levi W. Baker.   Sketches appear in My Dear Wife - The Civil War letters of David Brett, Union Cannoneer edited by Frank P. Deane.
  • Reed's Letters and sketchbooks are at the National Archives.
  • Discharge: June 9th 1865
  • Physical Appearance: 5' 11" slim build, fair complexion, light brown hair and Blue eyes.
  • Marriage: December 29, 1869 to Rebecca Francis Farwell.
  • Children: None
  • Wounds: Broken Wrist, Saber wound to the right hand, near the base of the thumb. Spherical shot to the right shoulder.
  • Congressional Medal of Honor: Awarded April 27, 1916.
  • "Most distinguished Gallantry at the battle of Gettysburg Pa. July 2, 1863, where he rescued his wounded captain from between enemy lines." taken from the Medal of Honor Certificate.
  • Rank: 1st Bugler.
  • In a Mass. Volunteer Battery Unit, Reed only had the Rank of Private and The pay of 13.00 a month. This was lower than other unit Buglers in other units and in other Branches of the military. A point Reed contested but never won. To supplement his pay, he sold Lithographs made from his war time sketches.
  • Buried: Farwell family plot, plot #1995 Mount Auburn Cemetery Cambridge Massachusetts
Book now released: 

"A Grand Terrible Drama:' From Gettysburg to Petersburg, The Civil War Letters of Charles Wellington Reed." by Eric A. Campbell. Historian for the Gettysburg national park service. It will have never before published sketches from Reed.

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