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Original Letter signed by John Bigelow

Presentation Plate by 9th Mass to Captain Bigelow

This plate was originally attached a water color painted by Charles W. Reed.

The water color and plate was presented to Captain John Bigelow at the first reunion held for the 9th Massachusetts Battery on February 6, 1888 at Young's Hotel in Boston.

After Bigelow addressed the group..."At the close of the address, he was presented with a beautiful water color painted by the well known artist, C. W. Reed, showing the final struggle in Trostle's field with part of Kershaw's and Barksdale's Brigades.

The sketch was over two years in preparation, and has had the criticism and suggestions of a large number of comrades who were in the engagement, and is credited with being the nearest to the truth of anything on canvas."

Levi Baker, 9th Massachusetts Battery