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[From My Dear Wife by Frank Putnam Deane II, Pioneer Press, 1964]

Captain John Bigelow returned to his command of the battery on February 12, 1864. He had been severely wounded July 2nd of the previous year when his battery had made its gallant stand at Trostle's farm at Gettysburg. Now, with the coming of the new year, the battery had been reassigned from the 1st Volunteer Brigade of the Artillery Reserve, in which it had seen so much action the previous year, to the 2nd Volunteer Brigade of the Artillery Reserve; but with the spring campaign about to get under way it had been again reassigned to Major Robert H. Fitzhugh's 34th Volunteer Brigade of the Artillery Reserve only to be assigned, a month later, to the Artillery Brigade of the Fifth Corps, commanded by J. Howard Kitching, colonel of the 6th New York Heavy Artillery.

May 4th saw the battery abandoning its winter camp at Brandy Station and resuming the march, this time to Ely's Ford on the Rapidan, where it crossed the river, finally arriving at the Chancellor House that evening. When they arrived, the Army of the Potomac was hotly engaged with the rebels in the Wilderness and then at Spotsylvania; but the battery did not see action until May 19th when it was placed in position on the Anderson Farm, near Spotsylvania, while nearby the battle of Harris Farm was being fought. Four days later, on the 23rd, after crossing to the south bank of the North Anna River at Jericho Ford, it went into its first action since leaving winter quarters, losing one man killed. Here the battery remained until the 26th, when it again recrossed the North Anna at Quarles' Ford, moving to Bethesda Church on June 1st and being under fire much of the time until the 3rd. Leaving Bethesda Church, and after much marching and countermarching, the battery crossed the James River on the 16th near Wilcox's Landing and advanced to the Petersburg front. They were hotly engaged on the 18th near the Avery House on the Baxter Road in support of an infantry attack and suffered the loss of one man killed, and six wounded, one mortally. The battery then proceeded to the Jerusalem Plank Road on the Petersburg lines, where it constructed and occupied Fort Davis.

On the 14th of August the battery moved to Fort Dushane (or Duchesne) near the Weldon Railroad, and on the 27th of October accompanied the 2nd and 5th Corps to Hatcher's Run where the corps forced a passage and returned the following day to its previous position. In December the battery accompanied General Ayres' 2nd Division of the 5th Corps on a second expedition on a the line of the Weldon Railroad, beyond the Nottoway River. Upon returning from the expedition the battery was garrisoned at Fort Rice, where it was to remain until the following February.