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Revised U.S. Army Regulations 1863.



128. Four women will be allowed to each company as washerwomen and will receive one ration per day each.

129. The price of washing soldiers' clothing, by the month, or by the piece, will be determined by the Council of Administration

130. Debts due the laundress by soldiers, for washing, will be paid or collected at the pay-table, under the direction of the captain.

782.Private servants, not soliders, will not ber allowed to wear the uniform of any corps of the army, but each will be required to carry with him a certificate from the officer who employs him verified, for regimental officers, by the signature of the the Colonel' for other officers under the rank of Colonel, by the chief of their corps or department.

783. Laundresses permitted to follow the army will be furnished with certificates, signed as in the preceding paragraph, and no woman of bad character will be allowed to follow the army.  Other persons with the army, not officers or soldiers such as guides of the country, interpreters, &c. will carry about the similar certificates from the headquarters that employs them. 



947.    Before recruits are sent from recruiting depots to regiments, or companies, the amounts due by them to the laundress and sutler, having been verified and audited, will be entered on a roll made for r the purpose and will be paid by the paymaster on his next visit at the post, the receipts of the laundress and sutler to the amounts paid being the voucher.  Provided the recruits have a clear amount of pay due them, over and above their dues to the government, equal to the claims of the laundress and sutler.  The same amounts will be entered on the muster and descriptive roll of the recruits as" amount paid laundress, or sutlerly" (naming them,) to be deducted from the pay of the soldiers at their first subsequent payment.


1200. Four women as laundresses are allowed to a company, and one ration per day to each when present with the company.  In order that an authorized woman (laundress) of a company may draw rations while temporarily separated from it, the officer commanding the company must designate her by name and in writing to the commanding officer of the post or station where she may be living, as attached to his company, and entitled to rations.  The rations of company women are not to be commuted, and they can only be drawn at a military post or station where subsistence is on hand for issue.

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1360. In the case of a soldier's death, desertion, or discharge without pay, or the forfeiture of is pay by sentence off court-martial, the amount due the laundress and sutler will be noted on the muster roll.